1989 - Shao Lin Temple - Henan Province - China.
Buttazzoni begins its research path from one of the
milestones in the world of martial arts.

1990 - Okinawa - Japan -
Buttazzoni meets hanshi Eiichi Miyazato 10th Dan
Miyazato was once the successor of Chojun Miyagi
the founder of Goju ryu.
BUTTAZZONI found in Jundokan Dojo
His Way of Karate.


Okinawa - Japan -
1992 - '94 - 97-2001 -
Jundokan Dojo - Okinawa - Japan.
Buttazzoni continues the practice in the Miyazato sensei's dojo.
In 1997 he participated in:
"Okinawa Karate and Kobudo World Championship."
In the same year he graduated 5th dan.


Okinawa - Japan -
2007 - Jundokan Dojo - Okinawa - Japan.
With the approval of the new directors of the Jundokan,
chaired by Yoshihiro Miyazato, the son
the late hanshi Miyazato,
Buttazzoni graduated 6th dan

Year 2009 - Udine - Italy -
Buttazzoni began to teach regularly.
Supported by the students, was born
the idea of ​​founding his own dojo.

Year 2010 - Jundokan Dojo - Okinawa - Japan.
Buttazzoni and black belts: Andrea Felluga
Edoardo Marini, Massimiliano Masolino and Giovina Pace
go to Japan to honor 20 years of loyalty
- 1990/2010 - the Jundokan Dojo in Okinawa.

TAIRA bunkai
Year 2011 - Udine - Italy -
Jundokan Seminar in Udine -
Buttazzoni calls for a seminar three
of the most representative Okinawan masters:
Taira sensei - Gima sensei Kinjo sensei.
Athletes participating in the seminar
from all over Europe.
Previous Jundokan Seminar in Udine:
1995 Invited: Taira sensei, Yogi sensei,Taba san
2002 Invited: Taira sensei, Yogi sensei, Ito san

2012 - Udine, Italy
If the roots of  Buttazzoni's karate are Jundokan of Eiichi
Miyazato, the future is inspired by the teachings of Masaji Taira.
For this reason, in 2012, he resigned from the
Jundokan and affiliated to the research organization founded by
Taira Sensei: The Okinawa Goju ryu Kenkyukai -

Udine - Italy - 2012 Conimage With the willingness to share and preserve
the technical and philosophical heritage of Goju Ryu Okinawa and the teachings of the Taira sensei, Buttazzoni is completely dedicated to teaching by opening his own dojo in Via UdineTavagnacco, 89 in Udine.

Udine - Italy - 2012
Taira sensei on Stage -
ButtazzoniI organized the first seminar Italian direct
by Masaji  Taira. In 2013, held the second
edition of the event. Both of the two events are a great
opportunity for growth and friendship. Participating teachers
and athletes from different European countries.
In April 2014 will take place on 3rd Seminar of
Taira Sensei in Italy.